EVENT- NMAI-Living Earth Festival

Native Artists Market, a Feature of The Living Earth Festival

I absolutely love the Smithsonian NMAI for a number of reasons. The building itself has a spiral shape like water or a galaxy. The whole surface of it ripples and has texture made from the actual building materials. The spaces of the building, including the center public space are enveloped and cloistered with wrap around granite or concrete in a way that feels healing, but on a grand scale…like a giant kiva or a sweat lodge. Its like stepping into a philosophy…an earth conscious Native paradigm. This past weekend (July 22-24, 2011) I spent three days inside of this structure selling my images at the Native Artists Market, a feature of The Living Earth Festival. Now that I’m home, I miss the feeling I got from being in the space for an extended period. This architectural statement is truly a work of art.



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