CONCEPT- Dusted Off Sketch-Indian Time

I woke up this morning deciding to do something about the fact that there are “stragglers” in my photo-collage series “Spiritual Ground” that need attention. They are either stored away in the dark or are laying unassembled in envelopes. So I decided to get this one posted and reunited with the others on my photo-collage thumbnail page too. It’s called “Indian Time” and is about the original “dominant culture” of the Western Hemisphere, which is based on an indigenous philosophy of balance and understanding. This piece shows the reawakening of this culture which spanned the continents from South America up through Alaska and Canada and beyond. There’s even an embryo amidst the common roots that the north and south share. The concept of duality is shown in the background by having two distinct halves of color, the idea of the integration of opposites. Also I’m showing the sun behind the head which is shaped like a great eye (great mysterious consciousness) and in front of that is the medicine circle, a seasonal/ceremonial time clock.

Indian Time
“Indian Time”



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