CONCEPT- Grandmother Moon and Sacred Cycles

Autumn Deer

Grandmother Moon and Sacred Cycles

“Autumn Deer” is a piece that celebrates the beauty of the earth and it’s sacred cycles, autumn being the time for harvest, hunting, feasting, and honoring our ancestors. The deer here are shown as magical, almost mystical creatures. One touches down while another lifts off, possibly coming from, or headed to another world as the clouds in the sky take on the configuration of the galaxy. There is a face in the moon, Grandmother moon, “who has a direct relationship to the females of the species of all living things; the sun and the stars; and our spiritual beings of the sky world. They still carry on the original instructions in this great cycle of life.” (Audrey Shenandoah, Onondaga Clan Mother-Global forum on Environment and Development for Survival, Moscow, January, 1990). Autumn is also the time of sunset in the yearly cycle, as we head toward the darkness and night time of winter.

Autumn Deer
“Autumn Deer”


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