Celestial Tree

This is part of the  “Ancestral Spaceship” series, of which there are 11 in total.

I call them hanging assemblage sculptures and they are made from found wood glued and screwed together. The layered surfaces display mixed media collage, using a variety of original hand rendered art and reproduced media, including digital formats. In this way, I am taking my 2 dimensional composite imagery in a new direction by completing a series of work that will incorporate three dimensionality and have a medicine wheel or altar-like quality. To read more, see the Mixed Media Conglomerate page of my site by clicking on the image below.


4 Responses to “Celestial Tree”

  1. Rich Thompson says:

    I really like this piece; the emulation of the mound-builders is an added bonus!

  2. Pete Burk says:

    Great piece, and a natural progression in your body of work. You’re really starting to tap into the ancestral and earth wisdom so necessary at this time. Past, present, and future melding together. It’s all connected!

  3. Larry Burk says:

    Very cool new site. It is fun to see your “The Heart of the Matter” and “Island Hopping” pieces that hang above my computer in my home office also flashing by in cyberspace. Keep up the creative work.
    Let magic happen,

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