mixed media assemblage sculpture conglomerates

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The “Ancestral Spaceship” series is in process. They are a 3D twist on mixed media collage. There are 11 in total.

This new series of mixed media assemblage sculpture conglomerates are made from found wood that display collaged layers in relief, with the collaged imagery incorporating an array of original hand rendered art and reproduced media, including digital formats. In this way, I am taking my 2 dimensional composite imagery in a new direction by completing a series of work that will incorporate three dimensionality and have a medicine wheel or altar-like quality.



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  1. Adrienne Garnett says:

    Aylssa, this work is profoundly stunning and stirring. It is growing powerfully in breadth and depth. Congratulations is too shallow a word.
    I miss seeing you at Golden Belt. Hope to catch up soon.

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