EVENT- Diver Hinton and Laul-Healey


Come see our 3 woman show featuring new works by DAG member artists Eleatter Diver, Alyssa Hinton and Elizabeth Laul-Healey.

Friday, November 21 at 5:00pm

The Durham Art Guild in Durham, North Carolina

We’re also hosting an artist talk on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 from 6:30-8pm in SunTrust Gallery.

“A Garden of Silver Linings” by Eleatta Diver

“The Deer Messenger Series” by Alyssa Hinton

“Women & Bulls” by Elizabeth Laul-Healey


The Deer

The deer is a universally sacred being in American Indian cultures. It is considered a spirit ally of the shaman. The deerskin trade is of paramount importance, as is the wearing of the deerskin dress. For the Tuscarora of North Carolina, the Deer clan is at the top of the clan totem system.

This series shows the deer as a magical, almost mystical creature. The deer figures represent the idea of transport on the physical plane within the realm of the living body, but with the ability to bounce between the parallel worlds of earth and sky. In other images from this series, the deer is seen surfacing from swampy southern woodlands, emerging in its full form from the obscurity of darkness. The deer signifies newness, new knowledge and the parallel stage of a newborn baby.

Venus, the morning star, is also known as the deer star. In the original “Deer Messenger” piece, the morning star is substituted for eyes to show the parallel cosmic world. The double helix on the forehead represents the duality of opposites, the good mind versus the bad mind, twin forces who continuously fight each other.

For more details on this series click: https://alyssahinton.com/2014/05/14/completion-of-the-deer-series/


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