ArtsNOW Spotlight- An artist’s inspiration: Alyssa Hinton

In conjunction with the “Plus One” show, Arts Now NC, has included me in a series entitled What inspires an artist? 

This series focuses on why artists create the work they do for a better understanding of their artistic paths.

Please check out the article/photos by Beth Mandel: An artist’s inspiration: Alyssa Hinton

What inspires an artist? In this series, creative people in the Triangle answer that question to offer a better understanding of why they create the work they do.

Mixed-media artist Alyssa Hinton’s work is all about transformation.

For Hinton, who has both Tuscarora and Osage Native American ancestors, much of her work centers on reawakening indigenous tradition and earth conscious values.

As Native Americans in the South — at a time when American perception of race was literally black and white — her ancestors were lumped together with African-Americans. This was just one way, along with massacres, renaming and disappearing, that her ancestors were forced to transform because of their identity.

She uncovered this in bits and pieces because it is not often openly talked about. “Some people are born to…….

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