NEWS- China Academy of Art, Part 2

Experimental Printmaking Residency in Hangzhou, China Academy of Art, Part 2

China Academy of Art, Part 2: My month long teaching residency at China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China fell on the yearly Moon Festival, a week long national holiday in early October. During this time I kept myself occupied by going on mini excursions around Hangzhou, where I practiced my Chinese with anyone who would engage me and took photos with my new high resolution cell phone camera. I was also chaperoned by China Academy of Art administrator, Zhang Shunren on a weekend trip to Shanghai to experience the art scene there. This included a visit to the infamous Power Station, an exhibit venue which I would describe as “Large and in Charge” to say the least! We also frequented some galleries and a sculpture park in Shanghai’s art district…very interesting! Please see photo doc. below:

Shanghai Weekend Art Excursion:

Power Station- "Fifteen Rooms Exhibit" 3
Power Station- “Fifteen Rooms Exhibit” 3


Hangzhou Environs Mini Excursions- Rainy Walks Around Xi Hu (West Lake) & “Pleasure Boat” Rides:



Hangzhou Environs Mini Excursion- Wu Shan Pavilion (where one can view West Lake from the top) and Surrounding Grounds:


Hangzhou Environs Mini Excursion with Grad Student Zi Hao’s family- Plant Pagoda, Downtown:





I LOVE the photo below, not only because of the endearing friends it shows, but also because it encapsulates my time warp experience of going back to China after 34 years have passed. What you’re seeing is the old and the new China side by side, represented by (old style) Mom on the left, who is the same age as I am, and grew up in the old China I used to know…and modern style daughter, from the global China of new!


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