EVENT- Dupree Gallery, Celebration of Color

Dupree Gallery Celebration of Color, Philadelphia, PA.

I currently have four 12×12″ works  in “A Celebration of Color”, Three Galleries South of South Street, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Dupree Gallery, Jed Williams Gallery. This is a South Philly gallery collaboration. My pieces are at the Dupree Gallery Celebration of Color and will be on exhibit through April 30th, 2016.


“Wisdom Tree-Warming”

EVENT- Dupree Gallery-Alyssa-Hinton-Autumn-Deer

“Autumn Deer”


“Indigena-5th Sun”


“Wisdom Tree-Slate”







EVENT- Dupree Gallery
Click below to watch a fun video of me packing my art for the Philly Show!!



The pieces in the Dupree Gallery show are also available here in larger sizes at AlyssaHinton.com. Here are the links for these works:

1. Wisdom Tree-Warming is a pencil-photo composite self portrait of sorts. The color transition denotes the gradual growth and unfoldment of knowledge, understanding and acceptance of life as is…from the sparsity of winter into a time of blossoming.

2. Autumn Deer is a photo composite piece that celebrates the beauty of the earth and it’s sacred cycles, autumn being the time for harvest, hunting, feasting, and honoring our ancestors. The deer here are shown as magical, almost mystical creatures. One touches down while another lifts off, possibly coming from, or headed to another world as the clouds in the sky take on the configuration of the galaxy.

3. Indigena-5th Sun. This a mixed clay slab, watercolor, photo composite piece. It is the first of three Solar/Corn God pieces called “Indigena: Fifth Sun.” During the December solstice, the sun is said to be reborn through the dark-rift of the Milky Way, marking the rebirth of the Solar/Corn God.

4. Wisdom Tree-Slate is also a pencil-photo composite self portrait of sorts. February is when the first signs of life start to move within the tree’s veins. There is a stirring after the long cold winds of winter. Getting ready for the rebirth of spring.

Dupree Gallery is located at 703 S. 6th St. Philadelphia, PA.

For more on Dupree Gallery and artist James Dupree please see:



The Dupree Gallery Celebration of Color will be on exhibit from through April 30th, 2016.


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  1. Peter Burk says:

    Very cool, Alyssa. Hey, are you planning on going back out to Colorado (CSU) this spring/summer?

  2. That would be nice, but no. I’d love to have another show out there though! What about you?

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