EVENT- Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations Book Launch & Art Exhibition

I’m still all the way up here in the snowy hills of southern Vermont and feeling good about my Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations Book Launch & Art Exhibit!

I published this book upon completion of “The Ancestral Spaceship Series” of mixed media assemblage sculptures. It is the summation of a 20-year journey of inquiry, and a deep excavation of information pertaining to my Tuscarora and Osage Native American heritage.

Please click on ‘Preview’ to browse the Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations book at

The book and exhibit include works from three series: The “Awakening” Series, framed digital composite prints focusing on a theme of Native American cultural reawakening and regeneration; the recently completed “Ancestral Spaceship” Series, 3-D assemblage pieces that expand on The “Awakening” Series and illustrate some of the creation stories and ceremonial/seasonal cycles of my Indigenous ancestors; and the “Indigenous Iconic Earth Altar”, a large fiber installation and tribute to the indigenous “We Are All Related” philosophy and to our life support system, the earth. The I.I.E.A. took 3 years to complete and is the fruit of my journey, research and labor.

Some Pictures from the Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations Book Launch & Art Exhibition Opening:



Opening Night at C. X. Silver Gallery. Posing in front of some of the Ancestral Spaceship Assemblage Sculptures.



C.X. Silver Gallery is open daily by appointment. For further information and to plan a visit, contact the Gallery, 802-257-7898.

The Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations Art Exhibition runs from March 31 through September 25, 2017.


Dive into “Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations”, the culmination of my “Roots Journey” into the hidden history and culture of my southeastern indigenous ancestors!


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