PUBLICATION- 3rd Edition Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations Book

The 3rd Edition of the Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations
Book is Now Available for Preview at:

Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations engenders respect for ancestors and traditionalism….reviving the old ways of the “earth way” to heal us!

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Book Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations
Book Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations

Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations was published upon completion of “The Ancestral Spaceship Series” of mixed media assemblage sculptures. It is the summation of a 20-year journey of inquiry and a deep excavation of information pertaining to my Tuscarora and Osage Native American heritage.

Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations draws upon powerful concepts that revolve around a holistic understanding of the universe, the human relationship to it, and to the self. These concepts connect to animals, elements, earth and sky. When we step towards them, they step towards us. The more we wake up, the more they awaken within us.

To some, these topics may seem foreign, but they literally deal with the unearthing of the history and culture from the very ground beneath our feet. Through this connection, we can embrace an inherently earth conscious philosophy and open up a doorway to a greater understanding of how “We Are All Related.”

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