VIDEO- Vermont Retrospective Movies

Vermont Retrospective Movies!

On June 20th I had a second reception for my Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations show at C.X. Silver Gallery in Brattleboro, Vermont. The reception included an artist talk followed by questions and group discussion.

Unlike the first reception back in April, there was no snow storm to contend with (or bears for that matter), only a torrential downpour upon arriving back in Vermont the day before. It just so happened that the day after the reception was the Summer Solstice, so I hung around for some of the festivities in Brattleboro.

Watch movie clips from the E.C.C.R. show below (and feel free to leave a reply at the bottom of this page)!

The first one is an overview, covering both receptions, the book launch, and the artist talk.

E.C.C.R. Overview (5:36 min.):

The next five clips cover the content of the artist talk, examining the inspiration behind the four series of mixed media work covered in the book:

  1. The “Spiritual Ground” series, hand made collages documenting my process of identification and reconnection to my southeastern tribal roots through visions and chance meetings.
  2. The “Awakening” series, digital composite prints expanding on the “Spiritual Ground” series and illustrating more specific cultural revelations.
  3. The recently completed “Ancestral Spaceship” series, 3-D assemblage works that illustrate some of the creation stories and ceremonial cycles of my Indigenous ancestors.
  4. The “Indigenous Iconic Earth Altar”, a large fiber installation and tribute to the indigenous “We Are All Related” philosophy.

E.C.C.R. Artist Talk Part 1 (8:21 min.)
Photoshop Layers to Southeastern Ceremonial Complex

E.C.C.R. Artist Talk Part 2 (6:07 min.)
Deer Star Assemblage to Medicine Wheel

E.C.C.R. Artist Talk Part 3 (5:29 min.)
Power Dresses to Sacred Twins


E.C.C.R. Artist Talk Part 4 (4:37 min.)-
My Art Definition to Indigenous 


E.C.C.R. Artist Talk Part 5 (8:17 min.)
Art Examples from 
Mound Culture:



Click on the thumbnails below to read article from the Brattleboro Gallery Walk Guide:


The “Awakening” and “Ancestral Spaceship” series will be on display at C.X. Silver Gallery through September 25th. The exhibition is open daily by appointment. For further information and to plan a visit, contact the Gallery, 802-257-7898.

…It will then migrate just up the road to the Currier Center at The Putney School until Christmas time.


Brattleboro Reformer Article

“…The subject matter includes themes of totems, cosmology, preservation of the natural environment, geometric design, medicine wheels, abstract landscape, and native american spiritual journeying.”


The 3rd Edition of the Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations
book is now available for preview at:

Book Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations
Book Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations


Click the preview button directly under the book image on MagCloud!

To read more about the ongoing exhibition, visit CX Silver Gallery at


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