VIDEO- Putney School Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations

The Putney School Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations Double Opening at the Michael S. Currier Center.

I recently returned from The Putney School in Vermont, where I installed my 30 piece Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations show and actually had two opening celebrations to go with it! It was installed to coincide with Putney’s yearly Harvest Festival weekend and my cousin David’s amazing wedding “on the hill” one week later.

…show remains at the The Putney School Currier Center through December 22, 2017.


Putney School Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations Double Opening Video (8:09 min).

Here’s a video I made covering the whole multi-cultural / indigenous affair! Be sure to watch this all the way through. There are a number of surprise twists and turns! …and a most unusual and amazing intersection of cultures and music!!



E.C.C.R. Installation…With the help of friend and fellow artist from Xinjiang China, Aniwar Mamat:


 Click Below for E.C.C.R. Installation Stills:

The Indigenous Iconic Earth Altar (I.I.E.A.) Was Installed for the First Time as a Wall Hanging In the Main Corridor Right Outside of the Auditorium (where “Sing” now takes place).




Putney Students doing what students do while sitting  under the IIEA installation
Putney Students doing what students do while sitting  under the IIEA installation

Opening Water Blessing Ceremony Offered by Oscar-Nominated Film Director, Fidel Moreno at the First of Two Putney School Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations openings.


A water blessing ceremony for the first Putney School Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations opening was led by Fidel Moreno, Oscar-nominated film director. Mr. Moreno is currently working on Standing with Standing Rock, a documentary project culled from 18 hours of interviews with 33 people at Standing Rock, including youth, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, First Nation people and non-Indian supporters.




Singing the water blessing song together with the audience
Singing the water blessing song together with the audience

Click Below for more “Water Blessing” Stills:


Harvest Festival Outdoor Goings On During The Putney School Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations Show:

…and of course, no Putney event is complete without a cow picture! (I’ll never forget my tour of duty for Winter AM Barn…yes, that would have been 1979)


There’s still time to visit the Putney School Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations exhibit at the Michael S. Currier Center through December 22, 2017.


Click the show announcement below for directions/map!

Here is an excerpt from my statement/bio on display at the exhibit:

“As a Putney School student of fifteen (class of 1980), in addition to carving wooden figures and painting in the forest, I was reading books like ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee’ by Dee Brown, and ‘Custer Died for Your Sins’ by Vine Deloria for an independent study with Sven Huseby. In my favorite corner of the K.D.U., I wrote several papers on Native American issues. Later in life, as is often the case, I spiraled back around to what was important to me as a teenager. Those seeds of information about the Indian side of my family started sprouting after I finished art school, went through teacher training and landed a job teaching studio art at a Quaker boarding school outside of Philadelphia. During a typical week in the art room, I made frequent trips to the Xerox machine downstairs. One day I decided to Xerox some special images and started to put some collages together in my office during class. I was desperate to create some art after a six-year hiatus. This was the beginning of my ‘journey home.’ Shortly after this, I had a vision of a burial mound in broad daylight while teaching a classroom full of students. It was shortly after this transformational experience that I met up with my long lost cousin, Pura Fe, a professional singer, songwriter and musician. Coincidentally, my grandfather had just passed away and left a deed for his plantation property in Johnston County, North Carolina, 30 miles east of Raleigh. The deed contained the names of generations of family heirs. Amazingly, Pura Fe and I shared many of these family names, which, she informed me, were from Tuscarora slaves and white slaveholders. By ’97 we were both living in the ‘Triangle’ (Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham) so we could be on location to draw from the river that is the history and culture of our ancestors. This exhibit is a twenty-year summation of that journey of inquiry and a deep excavation of information.”

-Alyssa Hinton

Click the book poster below to purchase your copy of Earth Consciousness & Cultural Revelations straight from MagCloud!


A Choice View of Mount Monadnock from Putney School!

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  1. It’s Alive!!! Beautiful as always… I will come back and say more…after I have watched the videos. Having a hard time loading them…but The page is gorgeous…

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