Mixed Media Assemblage Sculpture

Meet the “Ancestral Spaceship” mixed media assemblage sculpture series:

The “Ancestral Spaceship” mixed media assemblage sculpture series is in process. I actually call them “Mixed Media Conglomerates.” This is a 3D twist on mixed media collage. There are 12 in total.

These pieces expand on previous subject matter by further developing imagery relating to the creation stories and ceremonial/seasonal cycles of my Indigenous ancestors. Each “conglomerate” represents a different traditional icon with the composition carrying the basic underlay of an eight-pointed star, symbol for a new beginning.


These hanging sculptures are constructed from found wood. The various surfaces display collaged layers in relief. These layers incorporate an array of original hand rendered art and reproduced media, including digital formats. In this way, I am taking my 2 dimensional composite art in a new direction by incorporating three dimensionality within a medicine wheel or altar-like format (as opposed to a two dimensional rectangle or square)…free-form “spaceships” if you will.

The cut out iconic forms bring a new dynamic to my work, which is exciting to me. By using symbolic imagery to resurrect indigenous ideologies, I hope to send a message of interconnectedness with the earth. This is my contribution to an urgent universal dialogue of environmental responsibility.

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