mixed media collage composite » Deer Messenger 6: Spirit Ally

“Deer Messenger 6: Spirit Ally”

Description: The deer is a universally sacred being to Indian people. It is considered a spirit ally of the shaman. It signifies newness, new knowledge and the parallel stage of a newborn baby. In this piece the illuminated deer is in the process of taking its full form out of the obscurity of darkness. The blue and the red are the DNA (double helix) or light and dark, our two minds (“katigeraquast”-the good mind, and “katigerakseh”-the selfish mind). They are twins, born of Sky Woman during the creation of the universe. They fight each other endlessly. The vines and trees are the swampy viney southern woodland environment of the deer.

Medium: mixed media composite using photos, original pen drawing, pencil, relief print & digital editing

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