mixed media collage composite » Deer Messenger- New Growth

Deer Messenger- New Growth

“Deer Messenger 4: New Growth”

Description: The deer is a universally sacred being to Indian people. It is considered a spirit ally of the shaman. It signifies newness, new knowledge and the parallel stage of a newborn baby. In this piece the young deer, with the eyes of innocence, takes form out of the the old. Surrounding its head is the fresh new growth of spring foliage, also signifying newness. The red and white swirls represent complementary duality of all forms.

Medium: mixed media composite using photos, collagraph print, original pen drawing, pencil & digital editing

Print format: archival pigment print on fine art rag paper, open edition

Print Dimensions: 11×11″ on 13×19″ rag paper


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