mixed media collage composite » Ska-ru-reh



Description: I am descendent from The Tuscarora (Ska-ru-reh), river people of eastern North Carolina. Ska-ru-reh means hemp gathers. This meditative mask-like portrait combines features of family and tribal relatives to create an archetypal Tuscarora Indian face.

Medium: mixed media composite using photo, original pencil drawing,
collagraph print & digital editing

Print format: archival limited edition pigment print on rag paper, limited edition of 75

Print dimensions: 12×15 on 14×18 watercolor paper and 18×25 on 20×28 watercolor paper

Click the link below to purchase a limited edition archival pigment print of this image:

2 Responses to “Ska-ru-reh”

  1. David Benzo says:

    I love the details, the background and how the shiness, lines and contrasts of the face highlights its unique charcteristics. It’s like one seeing himself in the mirrow and reflecting the qualities of the One who made us.

    Such a simple yet descriptive paint suits the pasion,kwoledge and insight of its creator.

    Good Job!

    Ah, these type of paints reminds me Guayasamin(ecuadorian painter).

    PS. I do not see a mask, rather I see a face with all its

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