mixed media collage composite » Southeastern River Dream

Southeastern River Dream

“Southeastern River Dream”

Description: This piece is symbolic of my Grandfather’s people, the Tuscarora (Skarureh, “hemp gatherers”). My Skarureh ancestors were river people of eastern North Carolina. This piece is meant to be a prototype, with the river intermingling all of him, as it does the people of the area. The man’s third eye describes his insight and compassion, born of his traditions.

Medium: mixed media composite using photo, original pencil drawing, pencil rubbing, acrylic paint, collagraph print & digital editing

Print format: archival pigment print on rag paper, limited edition of 75

Print dimensions: 12×17.5 on 16×20 fine art paper and 17×25 on 20×28 fine art paper

Click the link below to purchase a limited edition archival pigment print of this image:

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