“Indigenous Iconic Earth Altar” Fiber Art Installations » Turtle Dress Body Scale

This project was an opportunity for me to gather the fragments of my shrouded Indian cultural heritage and gain an in depth understanding by actually piecing them together. I have used a variety of sources to partake in this reclaiming process: oral tradition, conversations, extended studio practice, books, TV, visions, dreams, art classes and history class. The large scale of the project is significant because it reflects the broadness of the concept and sets up an opportunity for people to interact with it based on the relative scale of the human body. In fact, it’s measured using my own body as the ruler.

Medium: Mixed media fiber conglomerate

Dimensions: 46”x 48”

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  1. Kimberly kelly says:

    I love this. I wish I had been able to see it installed. The richness of brush strokes color and subject matter deliver a powerful punch. Fabulous!

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