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“Occulate Being Baby Doll”

“Occulate Being Baby Doll”

The main inspiration for my “Occulate Being Baby Doll” comes from the practice of
honoring and revering the dead that was central to ancient Peruvian society. Included in
this tradition is a Paracas deity known as the the “Occulate Being”, an anthropomorphic
figure that shows up in pottery and textiles and is in direct connection to the shamanic
tradition, the spirit world and the realm of the ancestors. The frontal face of the “Occulate
Being” tends to be heart shaped and has the large blank, staring eyes of an owl. These
beings are often shown flying upside down in a horizontal position. I wanted to create an
endearing baby doll (that people would want to hold) to imply a renewal or resurgence of
the occulate being.

Medium: Mixed media digitally printed fiber appliqué

Dimensions: 27” x 17”

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