mixed media photo collage » Ancestral Plane



“Ancestral Plane is about things that have been submerged coming into the light of day. A cross section of a burial mound breaking open reveals remnants and remains of cultural relics and people. The trees draw upon these vestiges for sustenance while the embryo also is fed to support its new life (re-awakening / re-birth). The hawk, able to see the “un-seeable,” is the messenger of change landing, reminding us of our potential. By reaching back to our ancestors, or deeply understanding our own personal legacy, we may carry the old forward to a higher evolution.”

Medium: Original photo collage (33 pieces)

Dimensions (image area): 14×11″

Framed collage: 25×22″


Print format: archival limited edition pigment print on rag paper, limited edition of 175

Print dimensions: 12×15″ on 14×18″ watercolor paper, 18×25″ on 20×28″ rag paper

Click the link below to purchase limited edition archival pigment prints of this image:


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  1. monique says:

    Wow!!! Yes!! This is very similar to the theatre set I had envisioned for the new play that LeAnne Howe (Choctaw) and I are writing collaboratively. We are investigating transposing the literary & narrative structure of effigy mounds & earthworks to dramatic writing for the stage. More synchronicity!!

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