mixed media photo collage » Indian Time

“Indian Time”

“Indian Time” shows the reawakening of indigenous philosophy/culture which spans the continents from South America up through Alaska and Canada and beyond. An embryo is shown amidst the common roots that the north and south share. The background represents the concept of duality by having two distinct halves of color and season, the idea of the integration of opposites. Also shown is the sun behind the head, which is shaped like a great eye (great mysterious consciousness) and in front of that is the medicine circle, a seasonal/ceremonial time clock.”

Medium: Original photo collage (31 pieces)

Dimensions (image area): 7″x 13″

Framed collage: 15″x 22″
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING THE ORIGINAL OF THIS IMAGE, please contact Alyssa by clicking on the blue e-mail contact link in the upper right hand corner of this page!

Print format (collage transfer): archival limited edition pigment print on rag paper, open edition

Print dimensions: 9×17 on 13×19 rag paper


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