mixed media photo collage » The Unbeaten Path- Caretaker

Unbeaten Path- Caretaker

“Unbeaten Path- Caretaker”

“A caretaker looks after the knowledge and ways of old. The unbeaten path is the road less traveled, often a solitary road for the necessary duration. On the path is a spirit presence marked by the hand symbol of eternity. The hand-holding figures around the border create a fragmented circle. These figures are from the famous wampum belt given to the Iroquois confederacy by George Washington in the 1790’s to negotiate a peace treaty”.

Medium: Original photo collage (43 pieces)

Dimensions (image area): 9″x 8″

Framed collage: 19.5″x 19″
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING THE ORIGINAL OF THIS IMAGE, please contact Alyssa by clicking on the blue e-mail contact link in the upper right hand corner of this page!

Print format: archival limited edition pigment print on rag paper, open edition

Print dimensions: 11×12.5″ on 13×19″ rag paper


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