NEWS- George Boole 200 News, Article & Interview

This month George Boole 200 News has published a transcription of my 2015 talk at the Boole Library of University College Cork, Ireland.

The George Boole 200 article reveals the thematic basis for the work I installed one year ago.

The following is an excerpt from the transcription.

Desmond MacHale, in his book The Life Work of George Boole stated:

 “George Boole was a mystic genius, whose ideas have utterly transformed the world in which we live. Computers, information storage and retrieval systems, electronic circuits and almost the entire world of present-day technology depend vitally on the simple but ingenious mathematics he invented – Boolean Algebra.”

…then he goes on to say;

“Perhaps some day his ideas will help us to unite and reconcile body and mind, art and science, logic and psychology, and maybe even man and god.”

…”In my life and art I am attempting to fully reconcile the very different family backgrounds that make me who I am (legacies that seem oppositional within society at times). Both the Medicine Wheel (the universe) and the Thunderbird (electric creator of the universe) from  which it springs, deal with the concept of duality…”

Click here for the full story and interview:

George Boole 200 News Alyssa Hinton UCC Interview

Alyssa Hinton UCC Interview

George Boole 200 News Tesseract Medicine Wheel

Tesseract Design & Tesseract Medicine Wheel

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