mixed media collage composite » Panther Day of the Dead- Red Earth Aqua

Panther Red Earth Aqua

NEW! “Panther Day of the Dead- Red Earth Aqua”

Description: The overall message has to do with very old and powerful Native American concepts that revolve around a holistic understanding of the universe and the human relationship to all life forms, all levels and planes of knowing, all cycles, seasons..…all the elements. This includes remembering and praying for the ancestors who reside in the spirit world. Spanning from South to North America, the Jaguar / Panther represents this connection to the ancestors. But it carries an even deeper symbology because it guards the “gates” to that underworld, a metaphysical world (Xibalba in Mayan) of a different dimension or realm.

“Panther Day of the Dead- Red Earth Aqua” is a “Day of the Dead” piece. In Carlos Casteneda’s groundbreaking book series, he records the teachings of Yaqui “man of knowledge” Don Juan. One of the most important lessons shared is the concept of death as the ultimate “advisor” in earthly matters. This is the reality of death. By living with a reminder of death riding on one’s shoulder, one can truly live.

Medium: mixed media composite using photos, pen, colored pencil, imprinted clay & digital editing.

Print format: archival pigment print on rag paper, open edition

Print Dimensions: 11×17″ on 13×19″ rag paper


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