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“Nouveau Ancient” Mixed Media Applique

The idea of duality that exists in indigenous culture is represented in this experimental fiber study where I’m juxta-positioning the high tech with the organic. Specifically, it explores the contrast/interaction between the overlaid circuit imagery and hardware and the digitally printed landscape inspired backdrop. With the circuit board imagery reflecting other patterns such as city layouts, weaving and architecture from ancient Incan civilization there is a conceptual integration that takes place as well.

As with most of my other fiber work, I’m also experimenting with fabric combinations, digital printing of background layers, joining methods and embellishment options.

Medium: mixed media fiber composite using burlap, cotton cloth, canvas, sheer cloth, photos, original acrylic painting, digital fabric printing, coated spunbonded material, embroidery thread, metal hardware and hand and machine stitching.

Dimensions: 15″×18″

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