mixed media photo collage » Mum’s The Word-Plantation Memory

“Mum’s The Word-Plantation Memory”

Description: The “Mum’s The Word-Plantation Memory” photo collage is about the little known fact (historical secret) of Indian slavery on southern plantations. It’s based on my experience locating the tobacco plantation where my Indian ancestors were slaves. I made a “Mum’s The Word-Plantation Memory” quilt that shows the ancestral figures (spirits) poised in front of typical eastern North Carolina tobacco shacks.

A southern tobacco plantation is a very foundational and rudimentary form of cultural appropriation indeed, and one that reaped much profit for share holders. This is one of the earliest industries “grafted onto” and set up by the colonists, with indigenous people as the tobacco technicians, in much the same way African slaves were used for their expertise in rice production.

Medium: Original photo collage (22 pieces)

Dimensions (image area): 12″x8″

Framed collage: 22.5″x 17.5″
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING THE ORIGINAL OF THIS IMAGE, please contact Alyssa by clicking on the blue e-mail contact link in the upper right hand corner of this page!

Print format: archival limited edition pigment print on rag paper, open edition

Print Dimensions: 11×17″ on 13×19″ rag paper


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