Completion of the “Indigenous Iconic Earth Altar”

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The Indigenous Iconic Earth Altar is inspired by both Plains Indian astronomy, and hide garments. It is a five piece “walk-around” fiber installation; an octagonal medicine wheel encircled by four free-hanging “Power Dresses.” It pays homage to the synthesis thinking of indigenous people across the Americas, a holistic non-hierarchal approach for understanding the universe and the human relationship to all life forms, levels, cycles, seasons and elements within it and beyond.

This concept is also reflected in the technical/material choices of the piece. Exploring both old and new technologies, the project has also been an experiment in media integration through the recycling and “sampling” of a wide range of materials and processes. By piecing together this “we are all related” belief system, I am opening a doorway, for myself and others, to the understanding of the essential teachings of all Indigenous American belief. 


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