Hello world!

Hello world!

This is my new blog. On it I will be showcasing my mixed media work with added writings describing my inspirations/intentions for the work…and also insights, stories and learnings that tend to come as a result of creating the work.

In addition to sharing some of my thoughts on my art, I will be touching on the larger context for what I’m doing, like Native American culture and related events (past and present), and environmental/spiritual issues. This site represents an accumulation of many years of creative focus and cultural engagement, so some of my posts will “time travel” a little. I hope you will stop by frequently to check out my “LATEST”.  Thanks,  Alyssa Hinton

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    1. Hey Cayce. Just saw this a month and a half late…yeah, you’re right. I need to put my Fiber installation up here. I’m working on updating it before the end of the summer. Take care! Alyssa

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