NEWS- UNC Chapel Hill-Artwork Highlights American Indian Cultural Reawakening

Indigena- FifthSun 3

Artwork Highlights American Indian Cultural Reawakening

Alyssa Hinton, whose show “The Awakening: Parallel Worlds” is on display at UNC’s FedEx Global Education Center, will speak on campus Sept. 12.

Hinton will speak about her work at a public reception and viewing at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 12 at the center.

Drawing on the symbolism found in the folklore of her Tuscarora and Osage ancestors, Hinton’s compositions address parallel themes of American Indian cultural reawakening and human kinship with the natural environment. Shaped by her diverse heritage, Hinton uses mixed media as a form of reconciliation for her own eclectic life experiences, blurring boundaries between conventional and digital mediums to create hybrid art forms. Her intricate, complex and contemporary works feature digital painting, collaged sculpture and mixed media fiber composites…

Awakening: Parallel Worlds UNC Chapel Hill Press Release

Indigena- FifthSun 3
“Indigena-FifthSun 3”

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