EVENT- Book Launch & Art Exhibition in Southern Vermont

Happy Spring from the Hills of Southern Vermont, Where I’m Having a Book Launch & Art Exhibition!

Well, Spring equinox has come and gone, and back home in North Carolina the dreaded “green dust” has already fallen, while up here in Vermont they’ve still got a significant coating of snow…and expecting more soon!! Since my Winter Holiday newsletter it may seem that I fell off the face of the earth when, in fact, 2017 for me so far (other than teaching full time) has been consumed by working feverishly on a goal I’ve had for many years: compiling a fine art book…hence my Book Launch & Art Exhibition in southern Vermont!

C.X. Silver Gallery

Thanks to C.X. Silver Gallery in Brattleboro, Vermont, this wish has come to fruition!

So I now crawl out of my “incubation den” to introduce to you Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations, a book about my various composite art forms and the southern “Native American Roots” journey that inspired it!

Please click on ‘Preview’ to browse the Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations book at



The “Ancestral Spaceship” Series

Published upon completion of “The Ancestral Spaceship Series” of mixed media assemblage sculptures, Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations is the summation of a 20-year journey of inquiry and a deep excavation of information pertaining to my Tuscarora and Osage Native American heritage.

Book Launch & Art Exhibition in Southern Vermont

I am having a Book Launch & Art Exhibition entitled Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations at C.X. Silver Gallery in Brattleboro, Vermont this weekend.

…and you are most definitely invited to attend the reception at C.X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue in Brattleboro on Saturday April 1st from 4-6pm.

To read more about the show, visit CX Silver Gallery at

C.X. Silver Gallery is open daily by appointment. For further information and to plan a visit, contact the Gallery, 802-257-7898.

This 24-piece retrospective exhibition runs from March 31 through September 25, 2017, so there is plenty of time to come have a look if you are in the area…New Englanders, I especially hope you can make it!

The book and exhibit include works from several series: The “Awakening” Series, framed digital composite prints focusing on a theme of Native American cultural reawakening and regeneration; the recently completed “Ancestral Spaceship” Series, 3-D assemblage pieces that expand on The “Awakening” Series and illustrate some of the creation stories and ceremonial/seasonal cycles of my Indigenous ancestors; and the “Indigenous Iconic Earth Altar”, a large fiber installation and tribute to the indigenous “We Are All Related” philosophy and to our life support system, the earth. The I.I.E.A. took 3 years to complete and is the fruit of my journey, research and labor.



A Look Behind the Scenes

Packing My Art for a Two Day Road Trip to My Book Launch & Art Exhibition in Southern Vermont:

Alyssa pondering art packing solutions

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………..How in  #$*%  am I going to do this?

Along with the Dog and Crate!

Miraculously, I managed to stuff this 24 piece retrospective (along with the dog and crate) into my little Rav 4…by suspending a plywood board to the ceiling with straps, like a mini loft for the large fiber pieces to rest on, and then I packed the framed prints and sculptures underneath!

As mentioned, this show marks the completion of my “Ancestral Spaceship” series. The piece I’m holding above, “Red Corn Mother”, has to travel unwrapped because the varnish is actually still drying! You can see her from the side in the (last picture).

“Red Corn Mother” undergoing surgery in her later stages of completion

“Red Corn Mother” riding unpackaged for drying purposes. I was tempted to buckle her up with a seat belt, but refrained (haha!).

Chez Cousin Marni, not far from the Putney School, Putney, Vermont. Fresh air abounds!


Thunderbird Power Dress Window Dressing at C.X. Silver Gallery (shown with owner Cai Xi herself!)


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