Temple Mound Space Travelers 1

“Temple Mound Space Travelers 1” shows a temple mound and temple keepers, mathematicians who knew how to track the cycles of stars, sun, moon and planets that determined the sacred calendar and traditional ceremonial cycle. This piece was inspired by Town Creek Indian Mound, a site in Mt. Gilead, North Carolina composed of a single large platform mound with a surrounding village and palisade. A giant sundial of sorts, it was primarily an astronomical and ceremonial site.

These hanging sculptures are constructed from found wood. They are a 3-D twist on my 2-D composite work.The various surfaces display collage layers in relief, incorporating an array of original hand rendered art and reproduced media, including digital formats. These pieces have an altar-like quality, free form ‘spaceships’ if you will.

The red and white painted backs of the Ancestral Spaceships are significant. Historically, in the southeast, the fundamental color duo of red and white was used to express dualities of many kinds, i.e. good-bad, pure-impure, order-disorder, chaos-harmony, war-peace and so on.

Original Medium: Mixed media assemblage using found wood, acrylic, digital painting, pencil, photos and cutouts of recycled digitally edited passages.

Dimensions (approx): 22“ x 22”

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