NEWS- “Studying at the Altar of Creativity” Winston-Salem Journal

“Studying at the Altar of Creativity” Winston-Salem Journal February 7, 1999

“Her evocative, landscape-related collages engage themes related to American Indian cultures and their spiritual traditions. Black and white images of blanket swathed Indians juxtaposed with fragments of urban road maps in her two pieces from the series The Heart of the Nation/Refugees effectively comment on the cultural displacement of North America’s original inhabitants and the resultant problems faced by their descendants. Composite images that suggest cross sections of ancient burial mounds allude to the longevity of American Indian history in works such as Hinton’s Ancestral Plane, Slumber, and Spiritual Archaeology/Descendants and Ancestors. And the mystical aspects of Native American religion provides the focus for Creator/Cosmos, Ancient Fire, and Light and Sound/The Fourth Day.”

-Tom Patterson, “Studying at the Altar of Creativity,”


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