CONCEPT- “Deer Messenger” Represents Life on Earth

Deer Messenger 3 mixed media collage composite

“Deer Messenger” represents life on earth, the stage of regeneration and the new day…….It represents what’s important. It also represents death, which can remind us to really live. The stars for eyes show the spirit world and ancestors (where we go when we die). The 69 (double helix) on the forehead represents the “katigeraquast”-the good mind, and “katigerakseh”-the selfish mind. They are twins, born of Sky Woman during the creation of the universe. They fight each other endlessly. The vines and trees are swampy viney southern woodlands and the deer is surfacing from that. It’s a prayer for humanity and a reminder to recognize who we are and our connection to all forms of life.

Medium: mixed media composite using photos, original pen drawing, pencil & digital editing

Deer Messenger mixed media collage composite
“Deer Messenger”


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